Dead Moon Rising
Grimmgrors dream vision

Grimmgror shifted in the makeshift hay bedding and drifted off into a light sleep.

He was soon dreaming of a dark night with a bright moon over a field of dense fog. Flashes of lightning partially revealed a temple in the distance. Grimmgror ran towards the structure desperately trying to find his way in the fog.

In one moment he was before the temple doors embossed with double axes…in the next moment it had completely vanished.

“You have abandoned me Clangeddin Silverbeard”!! Taking the battle axe from his side, Grimmgror launched it into the mist with all his might. The axe struck the wall of fog causing a deafening sound that shook the very earth. The fog started to fade leaving only the bright moon above a endless swamp. This moon now shined with a blinding bright light with two axes covering its surface.

A booming voice from the night sky shouted out. “The dead in this place do not deserve a second chance, they must be returned to ground and stir no more! You, Grimmgror are my Axe and you are my shield. Cleanse these lands of evil and you shall have a place in my halls.

Grimmgror dropped to his knees to bow down before his god, there in the mud before him was his axe. With a renewed purpose, he raised up his weapon and walked into the horizon.

Riches & Rations

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